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Bulk Orders

Loss for Littles offers bulk order discounts for companies such as mortuaries, hospitals, hospice care, medical clinics and professionals such as social workers and therapists. Bulk ordering saves on shipping and printing costs, which in turn allows for discounts on the price of each book beginning with orders of 20 copies and above. You may order 1 - 19 copies through our site as well, however, the price remains the same as listed Amazon.

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To order in bulk, select an option below based on the amount of copies you would like to apply the allotted discount. If you have special shipping instructions, please specify at the checkout. Email with any questions.

Book Description

For most young children, the concepts of death, funerals, and burials are completely foreign until they are confronted with the loss of a loved one. It is important that children have meaningful conversations about these topics with a trusted adult who can guide them through their grief and mentor their healing. "Loss for Littles" aims to create a moment of stillness for families to sit down and have essential discussions about loss.

This book is a tool meant to educate and familiarize children with the various ceremonies and beliefs surrounding death. It may also be utilized to assess what the child understands about death, what questions they may have, and how to give them the necessary support to help them comprehend and manage their grief. Although children may be little, their emotions are big and deserve to be acknowledged and respected.

This book is the first in an extended series to address not only the logistical aspects of death, but also the religious perspective as well. The current "Loss for Littles" details the theology of those who follow a Christian belief system. Future volumes will be written to help families dealing with death from a wide variety of religious beliefs including Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Chinese Traditional, as well as for those who are nonreligious. The "Loss for Littles" books are an excellent resource for initiating discussion and preparing children for their introduction to the reality of death and the ways in which we honor those we love who have passed away.

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