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I'm so glad you're here!

Welcome to my corner of the internet - a community where we strive to grow flowers instead of weeds from the adversity of our lives. 


Being raised in a family of 10 with a psychologist for a father, my entire life has been a study in nurturing relationships. After living in 3 states and 4 countries, no matter the language or culture I am immersed in, I have found that all of us, at our core, crave connection. Essentially, we all simply want to be known, and we want to be loved. That's what this life is all about! We are here to learn how to connect, communicate, and contribute to, ideally, elevate our own lives and the lives of others.

My perspective on these three essential ingredients to life changed irrevocably when one of our precious identical twin boys was stillborn. Along my healing journey, I discovered that contribution was key for me to find purpose in my pain and growth through my grief. Using my degree in English Education and my inborn love for writing, I set out on a mission to create as much content as possible to help families on their own grief journey.

How grateful I am for the many wonderful people I have met through the process who have taught me the power of community. You can learn more about my books and projects on this website and socials or reach out to collaborate. I'd love to hear from you!

With Love,

Emily Ann Adams

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Speaking Engagements

Do you know a group in need of some hope and healing? I would absolutely love to come and speak with your group to support them in their grief journey!

I also hold author discussions with book clubs via zoom or in person. 


Message me on instagram @authoremilyannadams or email me at to schedule a presentation or book club discussion!

Loss for Littles
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Loss for Littles for Latter Day Saints.jpg

For most young children, the concepts of death, funerals, and burials are completely foreign until they are confronted with the loss of a loved one. At these formative times, it is important that children have meaningful conversations about these topics with a trusted adult who can guide them through their grief and mentor their healing. 


Together, with the talented artist, Ester Ballam Biggs, we have created the series "Loss for Littles: A Guide for Families Dealing with Death". The goal of these books is to create a moment of stillness for families to sit down and have essential discussions about loss specifically attuned to their individual religious experiences and beliefs.


We currently have Loss for Littles books addressing death for a general Christian audience and from the Latter-day Saint perspective. We are actively interviewing loss families from a variety of faiths including Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and Chinese Traditionalist. If you would like to share your unique religious perspective on loss, we would love to hear your story! Please contact me via email at

In the Media

In the Media

Mattea's Joy Podcast
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Guest Speaker Emily Adams (1)
Smooth Stones Podcast
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