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Hi ya’ll! 👋 Lots of new friends on here lately, so I thought I’d reintroduce myself for the newbies. My name is Emily Adams, but when writing and speaking I add my middle name to help distinguish from the 10,000 other women with my same name. 🤓 I’m the author of two published books: 📕“Is There No Other Way: Exploring Growth Through Grief” 📕”Loss for Littles: A Guide for Families Dealing with Death” (@lossforlittles) And I just signed a contract for my third book last week! More info to come! 🎉 I’m the wife of a newly minted entrepreneur (took him 40 years to take the plunge!) and Mama to 5 precious babies, one of whom lives in heaven. I’m very open about our grief journey and all the beautiful things we have learned from our angel son Aiden. 🤍 #aimforaiden 90% of my life is spent Momming, but I also love to hike, read, play soccer, serve in my church and community, learn about history, sing - especially duets with my husband on the guitar, play piano (poorly) and write as much as possible. I also really love Jesus and I try to strengthen my relationship with him and my Heavenly Father daily. Do we share any common interests? It makes me super happy to hear from readers and learn from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out! Thanks for being here as we help one another climb our mountains. 🏔💗 #theeliftmeandillliftthee #writersofinstagram #griefwriter #hopeandhealing

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